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To our Major Menthol and Rum Tobacco fans:
Please note:
Due to a flavoring that we can NOT
get anymore, we have had to change our
Major Menthol and Rum Tobacco formulas.

We have no say in the matter, as the farm that produced the tobacco used for the flavor extract has been bought-out and shut down by one of the large tobacco conglomerates.

The original Tobacco Blend PG and Tobacco Absolute
(the original flavoring) is nowhere to be found.

The results of our first re-formulated batch, while initially promising, has not met our expectations. Our team has been hard at work coming up with a replacement, and their hard work has paid off.

A fresh new batch will be made this week (Dec 7th) and
we are excited about the results - this is as close as we can get as the original flavor.

This is the same reason why Crown Royale and
Clove Tobacco were discontinued recently,
and with these promising developments,
we look forward to bringing them back soon.

We're moving back to our old location!

CEV Victoria
is moving back to
940 View St.

Important Notice:

Due to changes in Canada Post policy,

CEV will be phasing out C.O.D.

We are no longer accepting C.O.D. for new customers.

Existing C.O.D. customers will be grandfathered-in during this transition.

C.O.D. orders will be shipped C.O.D. expedited to accommodate Canada Post's new policies.

Interac e-Transfer orders will not be affected, and as always,
it is our preferred method of payment.

New main office phone line.
For shipping/stock-related inquiries,
please call: 604-559-3244

for storefront questions,
please call:
Victoria: 778-432-2270
Langford: 778-433-6040

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