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To all CEV store loyal's

We regret to announce the end of CEV Vancouver,
the store may continue but will not be associated to CEV
any longer nor will we have any say in the future of that location.
CEV Vancouver started out from a friendship without loyalty for our product or
the CEV store names and offered the lowest wholesale price available
to any of our wholesales customers for a CEV franchise.
Major Vapes, Mad Murdock, SKY, CEV line,
DSV E-Liquids will no longer be available at the
CEV Vancouver location on Hasting St.
We like to thank you for your support you have giving us at
CEV Vancouver and we are planing to give you a new
CEV Van location soon after we find the right place.
This will not effect our Victoria, Langford and Richmond location
All the best to Jae and his team in their future.
Best regards