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I can't believe the exceptional service - after coming back from a visit to the States and finding e-cig vapor option with nicotine that I couldn't find in Canada it kept me cigarette free for 3 weeks. I brought back a supply but cost and shipping (to say nothing of potential issues with customs) from the US was not something I was looking forward to. Did some web research and found CEV and ordered on Sunday online and it was delivered to my house on Tuesday - now that is service worth appreciating and acknowledging. Thanks again and I will be back for continued business and many referrals. I have not wanted a traditional cigarette since finding the vapor option - no nasty smell, feel great and know that I am healthier and happier.


Ok, everyone at CEV have offically blown me away! I have been vaping close to a year (as of December), and i have had my fill of dealing with plenty of vendors right across Canada.

CEV is the first Vendor to not only impress me (which is very hard to do) but also knocked the socks of my wife who is routing and behind your company 100% (she is not a vaper, though she is spousal support). Yesterday (Wednesday August 29th 2012) i made a juice order (order #
159) Which i made at 11:20am and here it was 2pm (central time) the order was put in the mail and off it went to me. I was shocked to check the tracker this morning to find out that it was out for delivery.

Less then 24hrs and it was here in Winnipeg, three provinces away from you.....This of course was before i ordered the bolt, two drip tips and batteries, which again showed up to my door less then 24hrs after i ordered it.

I do not know how you got over night shipping to me, but thank you so very much!!! Even the kangers are working far better then i thought on the revolution 2 bottom feeder, allowing me to FINALLY enjoy this thing as it was meant to.

Winnipeg, MB

BC. Canada
Around the middle of Nov 2011, I decided to try electronic cigarettes. I searched on line for most of a day on several websites that couldn't give me the information I needed or answers to the questions I had until I found Canadian Electronics Not only was the website informative, and in Canada, but with the few questions I had remaining, I decided to call the company. I spoke with the most helpful woman who I later found on an email from them to be Lady A, during the phone call her husband came home and took the call right away and I learned his name was Mr. S. He then questioned me on my smoking habits to find the perfect kit for me so I wouldn't end up chucking it because it didn't fill my needs. His recommendations were right on. The product they carry is the best on the market from what I've researched, not only the electronic parts and accessories but the juice for the vapor as well. The advantages to electronic cigarettes are huge - no more dirty ashtrays, lighters and matches, ashes, cigarette burns, stinking tobacco smell, no more hacking and coughing, trying to find a place to toss a butt, trying to figure out where and when I can have a cigarette. On our vacation (His promised that my kit would be shipped immediately and received before we left on vaca in 4 days, it was!). I used the EVC in our non smoking hotel room where our grandchildren were and their non-smokng parents, in our rented car, in public washrooms, (in the stall so nobody saw the vapor and went nuts cause they didn't know it wasn't a real cigarette, the vapor dissipates very quickly and there is no odour), anywhere on the street if there weren't too many people around, being able to just take a drag or two and not waste a cigarette - the pluses are endless. I intend to cut back on the nicotine and hopefully quit altogether but time will tell, this is so convenient. Most of all Canadian Electronic Vapor company is truly awesome and the real deal when it comes to customer service - I can't thank them enough for being available and very generous with their time and information, extremely trustworthy with a lot of integrity.

Team CEV, I wish you all the success in the world with this company!

Thank you!

Very best regards,
Gail- Saskatoon, SK
My husband and I made the mistake of buying our e-cigs at London Drugs. Nicotine free was NOT the way for us to go so we started looking for e-juice. We found CEV online and ordered some Canada Blend, FANTASTIC stuff!! The other day we thought we should order some blank carts, and found that the company that makes our e-cig does not sell blanks, nor does it sell ones with nicotine in them!! We called CEV to find out if the Bloog carts would fit our e-cigs. The woman that answered the phone was so extremely helpful. She took our number and went to research it for us. She called back within 30 minutes and let us know that the Bloog carts are supposed to interchange with our e-cig but couldn't guarantee it and gave us a discount code. We decided to take the risk. We went online and placed our order for some more Canada Blend and the blank Bloog carts. Within seconds of clicking the send for the e-transfer to pay for our order the phone rang. It was the same woman from CEV calling back to let us know that just before our order the last bottle of Canada Blend was sold!! She recommended another flavor to try and informed us that althought it is more expensive there would be no extra charge!! We were blown away with the AMAZING customer service at CEV!! As long as we continue to vape CEV, will be the ONLY place we shop for our needs!!

Angie and Dave
I have been a tobacco smoker since i was 13 years old. Now, at the age of 24, I have been seriously noticing the detrimental effects that cigarettes have had on my health and physical shape as I was smoking a pack a day for the past 11 years. I felt like cigarettes were a demon in my life that I would never be able to get rid off and I had tried many other nicotine replacement therapies to no prevail. But as luck would have it, several weeks ago i was in Las Vegas (of all places to find the healing cure) and had seen and tried an electronic cigarette at a mall vender and felt like this is something that may work for me. I purchased the product from the mall vendor at a ridiculous price (as I was unaware of the market) and started using it. My product was causing me issues so I started researching other companies and supplier especially since this was an american supplier and I am canadian. I came across canadian electronic vapour in this manner. I ordered your products and they were delivered in 3 days. The products were in great condition and the e liguids are high quality and very tasty, the e cig also provided marvellous pulls and throat hits (the main thing a smoker wants out of a cig). I have now not smoked a cigarette in 15 days and I feel great, and it is all thanks to VAPING!!. I think this needs to be promoted way more because I would of started using this product way sooner if I was aware of it. I think CEV is doing a great job at getting the message out their and your customer service is top notch. Since i started vaping I have been promoting and allowing any cigarette smoker to give it a try because I believe that this is the cure to smoking caused diseases and deaths which is a Global crisis. Anyone who reads this should just give it a try, what do you got to loose? Its way Cheaper as well. Do some research at least, you will see that many, many, many people are so glad to have discovered this for themselves, it is a life safer no doubt. Thanks CEV as your products may just change my life for ever.

VAPE strong,
Eztiaan G, AB
Wow what can i say about CEV!! When i found CEV i was looking for a for an alternative to smoking even though i didn't want to stop but felt i had to in order to preserve save MONEY!
Skeptical at first due to being a long time smoker and having tried everything on the market and failing miserably.
I didn't know a lot about "Vaping" and "e-cigs" and was a bit hesitant to try and waste my hard earned money on something that yet again won't work. Well i have the pleasure of living near CEV and was invited over for a bit of an information sit down and hands on demonstration. Not knowing what any of this was and did Sebastien was very patient and more than informative! They explained what it was, how it works and a lot of the in's and out's as it were of vaping. Well i purchased the 510 starter kit and left with one smoke left in my pack...i through it in the garbage and started to vape...
Instantly i realized that this is completely different than anything out there and felt that this was the ticket but only time will tell...
It's now been over 5 months that i have been vaping and i couldn't be more satisfied!! I get everything i wanted and loved about smoking without many of the health risks of tobacco cigarettes and the HUGE amount of my "hard earned money" wasted! During this period i have had the pleasure of doing business with CEV several times and now have a new E-Cigg to add to my collection, the eGo-T!! what an amazing device!!
I LOVE their HUGE selection of e-juices and because of the relationship they have with their suppliers the selection just keeps getting bigger!!
MOST IMPORTANTLY I can honestly say that CEV has a "people before profit" attitude and is displayed every time i have a question or want to purchase a product from them.
Thanks solely to CEV i am smoke free, stink free and have a bank account that actually has money in it due to not smoking!!!! (i probably save about $600 a month)
The products and service combined in my opinion are worth far far more than what you pay! which ain't all that much to begin with!!!!!
Thank you soo soo much CEV for your products and amazing service with a smile!
I wish nothing but the best for CEV and believe me when i say they have a loyal customer and friend for life.
I highly recommend Canadian Electronics Vapor as the best place to go for any of your vaping needs, especially if you're here on Vancouver Island! They have been working tirelessly to put together their business and they have both gone above and
beyond what you would expect from a vendor to make sure that you can get the products that you want, and that they are everything as promised once they are delivered.

I've been extremely impressed by how fast my Postal deliveries have been, always in 24hrs or less, where with other vendors not that much further away, I'd be waiting up to 4,5 days! They have also worked very hard to make sure that they keep your favorite flavor e-juice in stock, as well as being current with the latest in new hardware. Please give them a try, I'm sure you won't be disappointed!

BC. Canada