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Canada's Electronic Cigarette Industry – like so many others around the world – has operated under a "Wild West" principle for far too long. This is largely because of regulatory uncertainty as policy-makers try to work out what type of products ecigs are. Canadians deserve better. Along with most electronic cigarette product vendors and consumers in Canada, we recognize the need for appropriate regulation of the Industry. We believe it is time to put an end to the myths, rumours and r
egulatory uncertainty surrounding these products & their safety.
The Electronic Cigarette Trade Association (ECTA) of Canada has been formed by a group of electronic cigarette vendors for the initial purpose of gathering and analyzing the existing Canadian laws and regulations governing electronic cigarette usage and trade. The relevant legal information and links will be posted here, thus creating a single point of reference for the Canadian Electronic Cigarette Industry. In conjunction with regular product testing and ongoing audits, ECTA will use this information to build a clear and objective record of compliance.
All of the information and data gathered (laws, regulations, safety standards, lab results, audit results, etc.) will in due course be formulated into a proposal to persuade and prove to our governing bodies that our Industry can be regulated as a safe and purposeful entity in the Canadian Market.
The end result will be 1) appropriate regulation of the industry; 2) a clear and consistent method for achieving compliance; 3) peace of mind & freedom of choice for consumers. Everyone wins!